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How to Look Like a Glamorous Celebrity


You do not have be ‘traditionally’ beautiful, as anyone (yes) can pull-off being glamorous. Take a look at Bollywood and Hollywood actors, I’m sure you can name at least one popular actor who doesn’t look ‘traditionally’ beautiful but still looks beautiful.

That’s because they have figured out “How to Look Glamorous”.

Go through with these steps and you will be rocking it too in no time.


Ok so we have foundation, liquid or powder, whatever you like to use.

  • Though the Diva key here is contouring. It creates depth, drama and ‘healthy glow’ to the skin.
  • Grab a highlighter (matte or shimmer it’s up to your taste) to reflect the high points of your face that of the cheekbone, nose bridge, and chin.
  • And apply bronzer to create shape, use it on the side of your temples, side of your nose, under your jaw bone and hollows of your cheeks. Bronzers are particularly good at providing an illusion of a ‘slimmer’ face.
  • Here Kareena Kapoor’s face is well defined.


Bigger is better! And it doesn’t matter so much about the length either, long or short, both work beautifully well 😛 .

  • If you want your hair left out, pulled back into a ponytail, placed in a bun or traditionally braided the Diva key here is to put volume in it.
  • You have three options to achieve this: Heating tools, teasing comb/back comb and volumizing hair products; that like mousse and hair spray have been my friend.
  • Make a point to put volume all over your hair: at the roots, crown and sides.


  • If you have, in general, big eyes, traditional bold kajal/eyeliner lined on the top and bottom is oh so striking indeed.
  • Now on the flip side we need to work a little smarter if we have smaller eyes to create an illusion of bigger eyes.
  • A white/beige ‘highlighter pencil is your number one first pick.
  • Highlight the inner corner of the eyes and lower lash line.
  • Then use a shadow of your choice on the lid, making sure it compliments your outfit well.
  • If you are confident create contrast and depth with a darker eyeshadow in the crease of your eye. Or the smokey eye look is a classic Diva hit.
  • Use mascara and/or eyelash curler to lift, separate and add volume to your lashes. Thus ‘opening’ the eye.
  • Again if comfortable add falsies for a full on effect.


You can go to the parlor and thread them, but there are further steps needed to make them frame your face well.

  • Does your brows appear ‘lighter’ in photos? – You need to fill them in either with a pencil or brow powder.
  • Fill them lightly and blend it with a cotton bud towards the inner part.
  • And leave it darker towards the end, since generally our brows naturally grow like this.
  • Again take your ‘highlighter’ and use it under your brow, blend it just a little. For the perfect last touches.
  • Does your brows look similar to Deepika’s? Her’s are a fine example of perfection.


  • Use a lip liner to define the lip. If you want them to be fuller draw a little out of your natural shape.
  • Fill them in for a long lasting effect.
  • If you wish, applying gloss will bring on a fuller effect.
  • Also, highlighting the cupid bow has the same effect.
  • The general rule of thumb – Not only should your lip color compliment your outfit it should also match your blush.
  • Alia Bhatt’s has accomplished it to the ‘T’ here.

Quite a bit, isn’t it?  You can check out some videos online to help perfect each aspect. Have fun practicing.

I think when going to a party why even bother turning up if you are not going to look the part? Dress up and be a glamorous Diva, you have an excuse, it’s a party! Enjoy, turn heads, talk, embrace it and have fun with it – like a celebrity.


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